Man tried to kidnap a child on the street in New York; Police arrested the aggressor

The Policeman from New York arrested this Saturday, July 17, 2021, a man who tried to to kidnap Friday at a boy 5 years in broad daylight on a Street from the district of Queens when I was strolling with his mother, Dolores Díaz López.

The suspect was identified by authorities as James McGonagle, 24, who was charged with tried from kidnapping and reckless recklessness, among other charges.

The arrest was carried out after the Police published a video of the crime, which shows how Díaz López walks with his three children down the street at around 20:00 local time (00:00 GMT on Saturday). At that moment, McGonagle sale suddenly from a auto parked and he takes the youngest in his arms, who was walking slightly ahead of his mother.

The author of the facts introduced quickly to boy in the seat rear of vehicle, while the mother and her two brothers run to the car and try to grab the victim through the window, which was down, and they get it out a few seconds later, before McGonagle could flee.

According to local media, the alleged perpetrator was identified in the hospital from Brookdale, where he went in search of medical assistance for a matter unrelated to the event.

Díaz López explained to the local media that he was walking with his children to go visit his husband to his place of work, on Friday afternoon, when a man grabbed to its son Jacob.

The mother explained that the child initially remained seated in the vehicle seat, but that when she and her children began to pray that was released, the youngest got up and could reach it and remove it by window, moment in which the author fled of the place in your car.

“I don’t know why that happened. I have not seen these people in my life, “said the woman in an interview with the television channel ABC7, in which she explained that it was her instinct as a mother that led her to react that way.

“You have to do what is necessary, whatever it is,” he added. “The car was parked there and I never thought that a man would get out of it to grab my son. You always have to be attentive to what is happening around you ”, he pointed out.

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