Man says penis shrank 4 centimeters after having COVID-19

An American man says his penis has shrunk by 3.81 centimeters after he had COVID-19. The report was made on the podcast “How to Do It”. The man in his 30s, who remained anonymous, wrote a letter to podcast experts saying he has “Covid Penis”. He argues that after having severe symptoms of COVID-19, he was left with erectile dysfunction in addition to a smaller penis.

After undergoing treatment for erectile dysfunction, the man continued with a smaller sex organ, a condition caused due to permanent vascular damage to the erectile tissue.

According to a study by University College London, which analyzed 3,400 people who were infected with the new coronavirus, one of the rarest symptoms in those who were affected by long-term COVID (200 of the study universe) was precisely this: decrease in size. of the penis.

Another study, published by the “World Journal of Men’s Health” at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine showed that endothelial cell dysfunction caused by infection with the new coronavirus can contribute to erectile dysfunction.

In the letter, the man says that doctors warned him that this condition would be permanent. “It shouldn’t have mattered, but it had a profound impact on my self-confidence and my sexual performance,” said the listener.

In the same podcast, urologists Ashley Winter and Charles Welliver confirm that this condition, called “Penis COVID”, is real and that it can cause not only penile shrinkage and erectile dysfunction, but also priapism (painful, abnormal and persistent unaccompanied erection). of sexual desire or arousal). However, the two doctors say there is a possibility of rehabilitation, through medication and physical therapy.


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