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After a tectonic shift in the bowels of Warner Bros. Fans of the DC Universe are closer than ever to getting what they want – the continuation of the Superman story. In a large material filled with insiders The Hollywood Reporter reported it “Man of Steel 2” with Henry Cavill still in development. Now they are looking for screenwriters for the film (Christopher Macquarie was even on the candidate list, but it is unlikely that things will work out with him – he is too busy with “Missions” with Tom Cruise).

And even though the project is still in the earliest stages, this is already a reason for optimism. After all, until quite recently there seemed to be little to hope for. Well, then Dwayne Johnson came on the stage of the promotional campaign with his “Black Adam”, and everything started to turn quickly.

So, a new solo Superman film with producer Charles Roven on board is slowly being developed, but we must not forget about the plans of Johnson, who has already announced that he would be happy to take on the duties of an advisor for the DCU. The performer of the anti-hero role wants to get a powerful super crossover “Black Adam vs. Superman” in the future. Therefore, it is possible that everything is just beginning.

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