Man loses his savings in just four months – Styria

A pensioner from Mautern became the victim of internet fraud and transferred tens of thousands of euros to various accounts.

A 76-year-old fell victim to ongoing internet scams between June and September 2022. The damage amounts to tens of thousands of euros, and the man has now reported the unknown perpetrators to the police.

The man from Mautern in the district of Leoben transferred the money to a wide variety of European accounts and trading platforms in the mentioned period, based on telephone contact and email correspondence about profitable investment opportunities with cryptocurrencies.

Contact broken

The alleged employees of the trading platforms repeatedly encouraged the victim to make new transfers. When the first payment was to be made, the perpetrators cut off all contact. The amount of damage is in the high five-figure range.

In the course of action of the perpetrators, it is probably the Modus Operandi “CTF Cyber ​​​​Trading Fraud” deed. Further extensive surveys are needed.

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