On a flight from Cyprus to Zurich, a man caused an unusual incident. The 51-year-old no longer wanted to leave the toilet. The plane had to land.

Because a passenger no longer wanted to leave the aircraft toilet, a plane with 134 people on board landed at the airport in Graz unscheduled. According to the police, the 51-year-old had locked himself in the toilet for the entire duration of the flight. The captain of the machine, which started in Cyprus and was on its way to Zurich, therefore decided to land in Graz on Saturday.

The 51-year-old behaved cooperatively with the border police officers who had been notified. So he left the toilet and voluntarily showed all his luggage. The police did not find any dangerous objects. No manipulations or damage were discovered on the on-board toilet either.

When questioned, the man did not provide any information about his behavior. He was reportedly traveling on by train. According to the police, the Airbus A320 was able to start again after 45 minutes.


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