Man is injured after a failed suicide attempt on the street of San Salvador

Man is injured after a failed suicide attempt on the street of San Salvador

The Deputy Minister of Transportation, Nelson Reyes, reported that they will deploy fences in areas where people go to drink alcoholic beverages such as bars, with the aim of establishing controls to identify dangerous drivers through anti-doping tests.

«We have changed the hours [de los controles antidopaje], the places and we have made them less predictable. Also, we are implementing different types of fences in areas where people come to drink alcoholic beverages.”announced the head of the Vice Ministry of Transportation (VMT).

The authorities have doubled anti-doping controls compared to last year, and have recorded 11% more people arrested for the crime of dangerous driving. “Seven were arrested for this crime on Sunday alone”explained the official.

Reyes indicated that they carry out 87% more anti-doping tests than last year, and they have arrested 1,150 dangerous drivers. «The vehicle is sent to this person, the documents are withheld, and he is detained by the PNC pending a trial. To obtain her documents again they must take a road safety course, and pay a fine »he detailed.

In addition to drunk drivers, cell phone use while driving is the leading cause of accidents and deaths on the roads. In that sense, 95% of road accidents in El Salvador occur due to decisions made by irresponsible drivers such as distraction, lane invasion, not respecting traffic signs, not keeping the regulatory distance, and driving at excessive speed. .

Faced with this situation, the authorities emphasize to drivers the importance of driving in compliance with road regulations. Likewise, they have strengthened measures such as increasing vehicle controls, anti-doping tests, and the use of technology with the incorporation of electronic fines, which have already begun to be implemented and to date they have recorded more than 1,100 infractions issued with this mechanism. .

“We have motorized teams that carry out mobile controls on the road to identify people who drive while manipulating their cell phone, to which is added the implementation of digital fines to improve procedures”Alvayero pointed out.

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