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Man Intruder Home Axes – World News

Intruder in the man

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OSHTEMO TOWNSHIP, Mich. – A Michigan man, whose hobbies include ritual combat with weapons replicas of the Middle Ages, said he wielded a battle ax that he calls "my baby" for repel an intruder.

Ben Ball, 36, confided that he was playing video games in his apartment in Oshtemo Township, about 200 kilometers west of Detroit, Wednesday night, when someone One who used to go to his former friend kicked him. He believed that the attacker could be armed.

Ball told the station that he grabbed the ax, took two steps forward and hit the intruder to the chest. After the attack, the attacker escaped. Police deployed a K-9 unit to follow a trail of blood leading to 33-year-old Alex Lavell Rawls.

Kalamazoo County officials say that Rawls spent the night at the hospital before going to jail.


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