On Saturday at around 5 a.m., two 19-year-olds were robbed in the Kellergässlein. The alleged perpetrator was arrested, writes the Basel-Stadt public prosecutor in a statement on Saturday.

The previous investigations by the criminal police of the public prosecutor’s office had shown that the 19-year-old was on his way home with his colleague of the same age. When the two were on the stairs of the Kellergässlein, a man suddenly came towards them who was carrying a stabbing weapon and threatening them with it. As a result, he succeeded in stealing a loin pocket and a sports sack from the two men.

The perpetrator then fled, pursued by the two victims, in the direction of the market square and Eisengasse, dropping the stolen bags. A short time later, the police, which had meanwhile been alerted, were able to arrest the alleged perpetrator, a 39-year-old Swiss.