Mallorca “safe holiday destination”: Balearic Islands report high level of infections

Mallorca “safe holiday destination”
The Balearic Islands report high levels of infections

Once again, more people in the Balearic Islands are infected with the coronavirus than ever before in one day. New measures are up for debate, but a night-time lockout is probably out of the question. Anyway, the situation is “completely under control”, assured the regional president.

The number of new infections continues to skyrocket in the Balearic Islands with Mallorca as the Germans’ favorite holiday island. The health authorities of the Spanish Mediterranean islands in Palma announced that 864 coronavirus infections were recorded within 24 hours, more than ever before in a single day since the outbreak of the pandemic.

The previous maximum value from the previous day was exceeded by 69 cases. The last time there were significantly more than 700 infections per day was in January. The region with just under 1.2 million inhabitants temporarily had the highest values ​​in Spain in terms of population in winter. Despite the rapidly increasing numbers, the regional government continues to rule out the reintroduction of a night-time blocking, as it was decided in the regions of Valencia and Catalonia, reported the newspaper “Última Hora”, citing the authorities.

Situation in hospitals “under control”

However, new restrictions are being considered, including limiting the number of people who can meet privately or publicly. Regional President Francina Armengol said there will be no new measures before the end of next week. The current wave of infections has nothing to do with the previous one, she said. The situation in the hospitals is “completely under control”. The Balearic Islands are “an absolutely safe holiday destination”.

Everywhere in Spain, the authorities assert that one should exercise caution, but not panic. It is mainly younger, not yet vaccinated people who are currently infected. The course of the disease is therefore usually much milder. Since the end of June, the corona numbers have not only climbed in the Balearic Islands, but throughout Spain.

The federal government therefore recently classified the entire country as a risk area. According to the Ministry of Health in Madrid, 270 new infections per 100,000 inhabitants were recently reported within seven days on the Mediterranean islands. For comparison: In Germany this value was currently only nine.


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