(ANSA) – ROME, OCTOBER 9 – The priest Pier Luigi Maccalli, kidnapped in Niger in 2018, and Nicola Chiacchio were released in Mali. Father Maccalli, from the diocese of Crema, was kidnapped on 17 September 2018 in Niger, on a mission about 150 km from the capital Niamey. In April Avvenire had published a video in which the Lombard priest was imprisoned together with Chiacchio, of whom they had lost track, perhaps kidnapped during a vacation.

“Good news: Father Pier Luigi Maccalli and Nicola Chiacchio are finally free and well. They had been kidnapped by a jihadist group. Thanks to our intelligence, in particular Aise, and to all those who worked to bring them home”. Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio writes on Twitter after the liberation of the two compatriots in Mali.