Malenia is no longer impossible in Elden Ring

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If you have played Elden Ring yesterday you will have noticed the arrival of a new update. The patch is basically dedicated to fixing all the bugs from the previous patch. Chief among those bugs was turning the game’s fiercest boss into a monster that constantly regenerated his health.

“Arregaside a bug with Malenia that caused her health bar to not heal properly in instances multiplayer”, reads the line of the patch notes published by Bandai Namco. The line probably made quite a few players who had been headbutting the boss since the previous patch snort with relief.

There’s probably no doubt at this point that Malenia is probably the hardest fight in the game. Unless you have an experienced player like the already legendary Let Me Solo Her, the fight against the demigoddess of rot lives up to what the game’s lore says about it.the.

What happened was that patch 1.04 gave Malenia the ability to heal a little with each attack during multiplayer matches. She didn’t care if she hit you with her sword or not, which was the condition that had to be in place for her to regenerate before the patch. After the bug she regenerated health with each attack as can be seen in the agonizing video above these lines.

The bug doesn’t make the match unpassable, but doing so requires avoiding the boss’s already difficult attacks for a very long time, which caused quite a bit of frustration among players. Even Let Me Solo Her, who is very familiar with Malenia, described combat as a nightmare after the bug.

Other bugs in the patch tipped the balance in favor of certain playstyles. Some bosses like the fire giant lost all their health when attacking them with bleeding weapons. There were also reports of the final boss not using all of his attacks.

Although the patch does not introduce major changes to weapons or other items, hopefully the game will now be much more stable. It only remains to wait for someone to discover what new bug brings the new patch that makes life difficult for players in a particular match.



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