Malaysia “crushes” mining equipment for more than US $ 1 million

Malaysia Police Department destroyed confiscated Bitcoin mining hardware valued at more than $ 1.2 million.

As can be seen from a video on the news portal DayakDaily, the police of the city of Miri on the island of Borneo, together with the company Sarawak Energy, repeatedly ran a steamroller over the more than 1,069 mininig rigs for mining Bitcoin (BTC). The hardware in question is said to have been confiscated by citizens who illegally mined the market-leading cryptocurrency.

According to a report by the Malaysian newspaper The Star, the destruction of the hardware worth nearly 1.26 million US dollars took place in front of the Miri police headquarters. Authorities say illegal mining, which illegally siphoned electricity from power company Sarawak Energy, destroyed three homes in the area and caused the energy company $ 2 million in damage.

It is unclear whether the police destroyed the mining rigs as a mere symbolic act, or whether the components are to be used for profit. In countries like Iran or Turkey, raids against illegal mining are carried out again and again, with hardware being confiscated.

However, so far there has not been a case in which a steam roller was used to literally “flatten” the devices with high public profile. The Chinese police authorities auctioned 2,000 seized mining rigs in early February.

The Cambridge Center for Alternative Finance estimates that Malaysia accounts for just under 3.44% of the global bitcoin hashrate. The country’s total electricity consumption is more than 147 terawatt hours per year.

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