Malakhov showed who will replace him on TV

The star successor steps on the heels of the leader.

The expert assessed the likely success of the young talent.

Andrei Malakhov has not yet had time to finally leave television, but is already looking for a successor. There is a worthy candidate for a journalist.

In his Telegram account, he posted a video with his godson and son of Philip Kirkorov Martin. On the footage, a nine-year-old boy interviews David Manukyan and asks him tricky questions.

“Who walks sitting?” asked the son of Kirkorov.

“I don’t know who walks while sitting,” the musician answered honestly.

“Chess player,” the boy replied.

“It seems to me that soon you can write an application and retire!” Malakhov sneered.

In the future, the guy may be successful on TV, says journalist Anton Bekkuzhev.

“I have no doubt that Martin Kirkorov has all the makings to become a professional artist or presenter in the future. Genes take their toll – both his father and grandfather are first-class artists, ”he said in an exclusive interview with PopCornNews.

The host of “House-2” recalled that Martin periodically appears on television and social events with his star father: the public knows him, many love him. The expert noted that there are celebrity heirs in show business who received people’s love, certainly not for beautiful eyes!

“Take the same Kristina Orbakaite or Nikita Presnyakov – they proved that nature definitely does not rest on the children of great artists. The most important thing is hard work and dedication,” concluded Bekkuzhev.

Photo Source: Legion Media

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Author: Anna Pavlova Anna Kochetkova



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