Majority of Ecuadorians support the removal of Guillermo Lasso

Majority of Ecuadorians support the removal of Guillermo Lasso

A report by the Imasen SAC pollster presented on Monday showed that 81 percent of Ecuadorians support the removal of President Guillermo Lasso from power, while 80.5 percent disapprove of his presidential administration and 76 percent find him guilty of corruption.


Ecuadorian Parliament will define trial against President Lasso

Local media reported that the quantitative graphic study for the month of April 2023 also shows that 75.9 percent of citizens think that the president is guilty of a contract that should not have been signed, while 78.2 percent say that “he has not done anything ” during his presidential term.

The company Imasen SAC also presented that 58.5 percent say that the crime of which the president is accused is “another”, while 61.2 percent believe that they do not recognize reasons to remove him from office.

In general, Imasen SAC concludes that the majority of Ecuadorians welcome the removal of President Guillermo Lasso.

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