Due to the high number of cases, a 2G regulation applies in many areas to protect against infection. A survey has now examined how Germans feel about such a measure in the retail sector.

In view of the increased number of corona infections, the majority of Germans can imagine that only those who have been vaccinated or recovered will be allowed access to shops. 62 percent would support such a 2G rule in retail in the fourth wave. This was the result of a survey published on Monday by the Yougov opinion research institute on behalf of the German Press Agency.

31 percent would reject the measure. At 72 percent, men are significantly more likely to support such a 2G rule than women (53 percent).

Due to the corona situation, Saxony, which was particularly affected, had stricter rules, including for retailers. There are no additional restrictions for basic supply stores such as supermarkets, drug stores or pharmacies. In all other shops, however, the 2G rule applies.


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