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Main precandidates spent RD $ 866.5 million in the primary process

Political leaders Gonzalo Castillo, Leonel Fernández, Luis Abinader and Hipólíto Mejía spent around RD $ 866.5 million on the simultaneous primaries on October 6, where they competed for the presidential candidacy for next year's elections.

Castillo, who won the candidacy for the ruling Dominican Liberation Party (PLD) against former President Fernández, was the candidate who registered the highest expenses with RD $ 418.4 million, despite being the last to join proselytizing on August 10, more than a month after officially starting the pre-campaign on July 7.

In the open primary of the PLD, Castillo obtained 911,324 votes, to overcome Fernandez, who was favored with 884,630 votes according to the final calculation of the Central Electoral Board (JCE).

Technical difficulties

Yesterday, Castillo told the JCE in his report of income and campaign expenses of the primary schools, that he was unable to send it completely “due to technical difficulties with the format provided”, and that the information in detail will be “sending it later” .

In the breakdown of his income, the presidential candidate for the PLD indicated having obtained RD $ 394,714,495.81 for “Contributions from individuals”; RD $ 18,478,730.00 for “Contributions of candidates Gonzalo Castillo T.” and RD $ 631,957.02 in the “other income” line.

The total amount reported by Castillo in the report, in terms of income, was 413,825,182.83. Regarding the expenses incurred during the campaign time, Castillo reported 22 items of expenses, among which RD $ 128,675,246.42 in “Advertising and Propaganda” stand out; RD $ 98,837,079.04 for "Events and Activities" and 39,578,400.00 for "Graphic Arts".

Adding up these expenses with the rest, the total invested is RD $ 418,390,705.89.

In the last line of the report, he stressed that he had a deficit of RD $ 4,565,523.06 in terms of expenses and income.

Leonel's report

While former President Fernández reported that between July 7 and October 6, the day of the primary, he spent RD $ 293 million, for the proselytizing promotion and other activities of the political pre-campaign.

According to the financial report of income and expenses during the pre-campaign, the LF-2020 Project, Fernández's team had revenues of RD $ 291 million, and about RD $ 2.6 million less than what was spent.

According to the former president's counter, of the RD $ 291,308,000 that entered the project, some RD $ 149 million were raised through the raffle pro-funds, RD $ 53 million were obtained in “cocktails”, RD $ 51 million in “dinners”, and RD $ 38 in lunches.

Regarding expenses, the aspects that represent the highest consumption are the “general events”, where the report says they cost about RD $ 79 million, RD $ 41 million in “advertising and propaganda”, RD $ 24 million in “other operating expenses and diverse supplies ”, and about RD $ 29 in salaries for“ temporary staff delegates, substitutes and in charge of electoral precincts ”.

Fernández, who ignored the results offered by the JCE and denounced a frande against him, resigned from the PLD on October 20 and is now a presidential candidate of the People's Force party and other political organizations.

Legal requirements

These reports of expenses and income of the pre-campaign period presented by those who competed as candidates, are made in compliance with laws 33-18 of Political Parties and 15-19 on Electoral Regime, which establish that applicants must present said information to the JCE.

The primaries

The PLD approved to hold open primaries with the register of more than seven million citizens registered by the JCE, to elect their presidential candidate last October 6.


In addition to Gonzalo and Leonel, Manuel Crespo, Melanio Paredes and Maritza Hernández, who held distant positions, participated as presidential candidates.

The division.

Since then the PLD faces an internal division, after former president Leonel Fernandez, who was also president of the party, decided to resign on October 20.

Hipólito contributed 25% of his income for pre-campaign events

According to the financial report submitted to the Central Central Electoral Board (JCE) by former President Hipólito Mejía, 25% of the total amount he spent was contributed from his income, for his presidential candidacy by the Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM).

It is established that Mejía directly allocated RD $ 10,369,350, of the RD $ 40,680,350 that were contributed for his pre-campaign, from July 7 to October 6 of this year.

Within the contributions of taxpayers, the largest amount was contributed by Burgos Gómez, who records a total of RD $ 5,886,000.

The second largest amount of resources was provided by the son of the political leader and government official Rafael (Fello) Suberví Bonilla, who is known as “Fellito” Suberví, with four million pesos.

Other contributions

While José Miguel Cabrera, who contributed three million pesos, continued in that order, while Alberto Atallah, Alexis Victoria and Miguel Vásquez spent two million pesos. Mejía spent exactly the RD $ 40,680,350 million that his financial team received for his political campaign.

Two million of these resources were invested in “training trips in the 158 municipalities of the country, in the months of August and September. In addition, monitoring and strengthening of electoral programs, in the months of July, August and September, ”as detailed in the document.

Also RD $ 34 million were used in contributions in the different towns during the primary of October 6, while RD $ 10 million were invested in the southern region and 9,270,000 pesos were destined for the province of Santo Domingo.

It states that RD $ 232,000 was allocated for transportation and per diem, activities and trips to the interior by the press department. More 115,750 pesos were contributed for political work.

The defeat

Former President Mejía competed in the primaries with the PRM's closed register, and was defeated widely by Luis Abinader, according to official data offered by the JCE.

Abinader surpassed 70% of the votes in front of Mejía, who recognized the victory.

Mejía was president of the Republic in the period 2000-2004 and was defeated by Leonel Fernández while trying to re-elect, after promoting a constitutional reform.

He aspired again to the presidency as a candidate of the Dominican Revolutionary Party (PRD) in the 2012 elections and was defeated by President Danilo Medina, whom he had defeated in 2000.


Former President Hipólito Mejía acknowledged his defeat against Luis Abinader since before the JCE offered the official results.


The presidential and congressional elections will be held on May 17, 2020. Previously, in February, they will be the municipal elections.

Abinader spent RD $ 114.4 million to win PRM

The presidential candidate of the Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM), Luis Abinader, spent 58 million 185 thousand 853.84 pesos on October 6, primary day, 66.8% of the total expenses incurred in the last month of the campaign.

While in the promotion of the presidential candidacy of July 7 until that day he spent 18 million 245 thousand 225.14 pesos for 16%.

This is stated in the final report on the status of execution of the income and expenses delivered by the Abinader team to the Central Electoral Board and which includes from July 7 to October 6, 2019.

In that period, Abinader had income of 114 million 234 thousand 237.83 pesos and spent 114 thousand 386 thousand 168.10, about 151 thousand 930 pesos more than those received and that are in the line of use of credit line.

Of the income, 40 million 184 thousand 958.17, that is, 37.2%, were the candidate's own resources.

While friends and associates of Abinader contributed 67 million 707 thousand 300 pesos (62.7%) and contributions for the change (Card) received 84 thousand 979.86 pesos (0.1%).

More on expenses

The largest amount was allocated to political activities 76 million, 431 thousand 78.98 pesos, (66.8%) where 58.1 million are included on the day of the primary and 18.2 million in the promotion of candidacy.

As general and administrative expenses, it details that 5.7 million were for wages and salaries; 2.3 million for contributions and various grants; 20.1 million for external advisors; 1.9 million in basic services; 7.5 million for per diem, travel and allowances and 271 thousand 231 pesos in office supply.

He points out that they were unable to record the report of the IT platform enabled by the JCE for the technical problems it presented and that it was recognized by the JCE itself.

The electoral victory

Abinader surpassed with 74.11% of the votes in front of Mejía, that obtained 21.17%, in the primary ones with the closed register of the opponent PRM.

The presidential candidate for the 2020 elections, had already been a candidate in the 2016 elections, when he also surpassed Mejía in the convention of that political organization that was recently formed. However, Abinader was defeated by President Danilo Medina, who was re-elected as a PLD candidate.

Internal elections

The PRM simultaneous primaries were organized by the JCE, which is made up of Julio César Castaños Guzmán, president, and four full members.


The PRM has become the main opposition party since it emerged from the PRD division, following the general elections held in 2012.

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