The figure skater Hans-Jürgen Bäumler, 78, has won pretty much everything in his career that can be won. Alongside Marika Kilius, the native of Dachau became German Champion, European and World Champion several times between 1958 and 1964. The German figure skating dream couple won silver at the 1960 Winter Olympics in Squaw Valley and 1964 in Innsbruck. The city is now planning to build a new ice rink in Dachau. And if you already have a Dachau native who was once a star of ice art, then the new ice rink should also bear its name. Or?

At least that’s what the faction group made up of ÜB and FDP thinks. The ÜB applied to name the new Dachau ice rink after Hans-Jürgen Bäumler. Jürgen Seidel (FDP) said at the meeting of the main and finance committee that there should be no “sale of the naming rights” to a large company at a municipal ice rink and promoted the request of his parliamentary group colleagues from the ÜB, which deals with the meeting has been. But against the background that, due to recent developments, it is still completely unclear whether and where the new ice rink is to be built, the other groups went far too quickly. The majority of city councils decided to postpone the application. Jürgen Seidel and Markus Erhorn (Free voters Dachau) were against the adjournment. Mayor Florian Hartmann (SPD) said that it was “just too early” for the ice rink to be named after someone who had not yet built it. “We still have enough time.”

It is currently completely unclear how the project for the new ice rink continues. After a long back and forth, a majority in the city council decided last year to build the new ice rink on the ASV site. Now OB Hartmann surprised the members of the main and finance committee with new information. The members of the ice hockey club wrote to him, said Hartmann. These would offer to take over the construction of the ice rink themselves if the city granted a million dollar grant. However, they would realize the construction on Wallbergstrasse, said Hartmann. However, due to the tight budget situation in the city of Dachau, it is questionable whether the city can even afford a new ice rink in the next few years. Since the city generated less income due to the Corona crisis, some projects of the current building budget were examined again in the committee meeting, including the ice rink. The city councils decided to put them on ice. No funds will flow this year to push ahead with the project.

One thing is clear: if a new ice rink is actually built, there could be a dispute over what it should be called. Michael Eisenmann (Alliance) doubted whether Bäumler would even be a suitable namesake for the hall. “He made little contribution to Dachau,” said Eisenmann. And Christa Keimerl (SPD) also said: “Young people don’t understand Bäumler.” Florian Schiller (CSU) countered that that is why buildings are named after people so that they are not forgotten.