Kansas City / Munich – The Dallas Cowboys had traveled to Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City with a lot of confidence. The offense around quarterback Dak Prescott had provided an average of 31.6 points and 433.9 yards in the previous games.

However, they found no means against the defense of the Kansas City Chiefs and remained without a touchdown.

Chis Jones with 3.5 sacks – “everyone was fit”

It wasn’t that long ago when their defense was one of the weakest in the league. In the first seven games of this season, she allowed an average of 28.9 points. “The important thing is not how you get started, but how you end it,” says defensive end Chris Jones, who made life difficult for Prescott with 3.5 sacks.

“It’s a marathon, not a sprint. You go through a few adversities in a season. We had a lot of injuries. But we improved the chemistry on the defensive and made the guys fit again. I think it was the first time within four weeks that everyone was fit and played together. That is very important for this defense. “

Patrick Mahomes, the quarterback for the Kansas City Chiefs, also knew that he had to thank his defense for the 19: 9 win over Dallas: “Since the second half of the game against Tennessee, the defensive has been much better,” says the Playmaker.

The turning point came after the Titans bankruptcy

It was the bottom of the season when the preseason Super Bowl finalist went down 3:27 in Week 7 against the Titans. However, the defense had stabilized during the game and no more points allowed in the third and fourth quarters.

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Still, the false start was perfect. The Chiefs had a negative balance with three wins and four losses – an almost unimaginable scenario for this superstar troop.

The weak point at that time was not only the defense, but also the unusually flawed attack. Even Mahomes made an unusually high number of mistakes and threw nine interceptions in the first seven games.

“The game against Tennessee was lost because the offense didn’t work,” Mahomes said. “We won the games that we won because of our defense. People were used to our offense making the top numbers. But I always pointed out how well our defense played.”

The strong performance against the Cowboys would have proven that once again: “To stop such an offense that has set up so many yards and points is impressive.” In the past four games, the defense only allowed an average of 11.75 points.

The result: All four games were won and brought the Chiefs back on track with a score of 7: 4.

Mahomes overcomes susceptibility to errors

Mahomes also stopped being susceptible to errors. In the four triumphs he made only two interceptions. He was not to blame for the turnover against the Cowboys, because the ball was typed by Travis Kelce and only then could be caught by Cowboys-Safety Jayron Kearse.

At 3,200 yards, Mahomes is the NFL’s passing leader. With an average of 111.9 yards, the running game is only NFL average. Nevertheless, it is strong enough to make the offense game system difficult to predict for the opponent.

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“Every week brings great challenges,” says Andy Reid, the Chiefs’ head coach. “I’m talking about wins and losses, ups and downs. Teams are favorites and are defeated, it’s crazy.”

It is all the more important to take every task seriously. “You have to take every game as it comes. We haven’t proven anything yet.” That is why he didn’t want to ring the bell about the success against the previously so strong cowboys: “You can talk about anything after the season. But the moment is not yet for it.”

Oliver Jensen

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