The Norwegian Magnus Carlsen, reigning world champion, will defend his crown in the costume of the favorite from Friday in Dubai, against Russian Ian Nepomniachtchi. The great masters know each other well and shine from a young age.

Magnus Carlsen and the absolute king of chess in recent years.


World No. 1, Carlsen has also held the title of world champion since 2013. Grandmaster since the age of 13, it is a phenomenon of precocity, he whose maximum ELO points (the chess gauge) have reached the vertiginous peaks of 2882 units. It has been world number 1 since 2010, almost without interruption. He rose to the top of the hierarchy for the first time at the age of 19 and a month.

His opponent is also a precocious genius. He started playing at the age of 4 and often met Carlsen in the youth categories. Both are now 31 years old. Ian Nepomniachtchi acquired the right to challenge Carlsen by winning the Candidates Tournament in 2020/21.

The clash between the two giants of the chessboard will end no later than December 15. An endowment of 2 million euros is at stake, 60% of which will go to the winner.


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