Magnesium is an indispensable aid for our body

Fgood for bones, muscles, heart and brain. But not only: il magnesium it is an essential mineral for our body: it plays a key role for the correct functioning of the metabolism and is an ally of our psychophysical well-being.

After all, those 20-28 grams of magnesium present in our body, roughly 0.34% of body mass, are able to make about 300 enzymatic reactions work properly, from the synthesis of carbohydrates, lipids and proteins, to muscle contraction. To make sure you get the right daily magnesium requirement, today, it is possible to take UltraMag® 100% magnesio Sucrosomiale: food supplement useful to fill food shortages or increased organic needs of this nutrient.

The importance of a healthy diet

The secret to always having the right magnesium supplies – a daily intake of 350 mg for men and 30 mg for women is considered as such by experts from EFSA, the European food safety agency , correct and balanced.

Magnesium, in fact, is present in many foods, but green leafy vegetables, legumes, whole grains, dried fruit, bananas and cocoa are particularly rich in it.

Water should not be underestimated: it is an important source of magnesium, capable of providing almost 10% of the daily requirement. In particular, the so-called hard waters are rich in it, which contain an amount of mineral of about 30 mg / L.

Magnesium deficiency

Asthenia, low muscle strength, cramps, tachycardia are some symptoms of a possible deficiency of this essential mineral. In other words, they are alarm bells of hypomagnesemia, which can be measured through urinalysis: with the magnesium dosage through a urine load test.

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Initially, it typically manifests itself with headache frequent, mood swings and irritability, trouble sleeping good and a feeling of general fatigue recurring. On the other hand, cardiac arrhythmias recur in cases of severe hypomagnesaemia.

What to do

The women they often have to do with a deficiency of this precious mineral during the premenstrual phase, pregnancy and, later in life, in menopause.

But also weight-loss diets that are too rigid or unbalanced, chronic intestinal problems, some drug therapies, such as the recurrent use of antibiotics and diuretics, can cause low levels of magnesium.

The first remedy is the diet: therefore, be careful to introduce foods rich in magnesium during the day to promote the right intake. However, when nutrition is not enough or in cases of more serious deficiency, the doctor may suggest the use of magnesium supplements, such as UltraMag®: Sucrosomial® magnesium supplement .

Available in practical sachets, it is the ally that helps replenish the natural reserves of magnesium at any time of the day.

For example, it can be an ally of well-being in case of a painful menstrual cycle and recurrent gastrointestinal problems.

And also those who practice sport can benefit from it. Intense physical activity, in fact, can cause significant losses of magnesium, due to sweating and prolonged muscular efforts, so it is advisable to replenish the shares lost during training.

UltraMag®: better absorption and excellent tolerability

The sucrosomal technology®, patented by PharmaNatura, guarantees better absorption and greater tolerability, because magnesium is protected by sucrosoma®, a matrix that allows the mineral to overcome the gastric environment unscathed and to easily reach the intestine where it is absorbed: thus it is available for the whole organism and for the numerous metabolic functions in which it is necessary. In other words, thanks to its specific formulation, UltraMag® it is able to protect and transport magnesium by not making it come into contact with the gastric mucosa of the stomach, and thus does not cause gastro-intestinal discomfort and is more easily absorbed in the intestine.

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