Magali Berdah “deplores” that Bruno Le Maire defends Booba

Magali Berdah “deplores” that Bruno Le Maire defends Booba

Influencer Magali Berdah, at the heart of an open war on social networks with rapper Booba since the summer of 2022, regretted the exit of the Minister of the Economy, who believed yesterday that the singer was right to fight against the drifts of influencers.

Bruno Le Maire, Booba, Magali Berdah: these are three names that we did not necessarily imagine associated. However, the 41-year-old woman, considered the mother of influencers, reacted to the words of the Minister of Economy. The latter had declared on Monday March 13 at the microphone of France info that the rapper Booba was right to fight against the excesses of scams that have become commonplace in the world of influencers.

Minister ‘reignited’ Berdah’s cyberbullying

Indeed, the French rap icon has launched a year ago in an open war against “influencers”, these personalities who take advantage of their popularity on social networks to defraud their subscribers via sometimes dubious product placements, including the headliner according to him is Magali Berdah.

The one who is also an agent of influencers condemned the public support of Bruno Le Maire, as reported by Tech&Co “I regret that a Minister of the Republic, representative of the government and its fights, namely the fight against cyberbullying, violence against women, anti-Semitism, openly takes, on the air of a morning of the public service, the party of a man who denigrates these same causes,” she said.

Magali Berdah, who has considered herself “cyberharassed” for several months by “B2O” and her multiple tweets against her, also felt that the minister’s exit had helped revive the phenomenon:

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“For ten days, I took advantage of a period of truce, without invective on the networks, which looked like a form of return to a normal life” she confided to our colleagues. “A moment of respite which the Minister ended yesterday morning on Franceinfo, with remarks which relaunched the cyberharassment that I have suffered for more than 10 months.”

70,000 hate messages

Very popular on social networks, Booba had indeed started a real campaign of denigration vis-à-vis the methods of the agent, in which his community largely participated. The Express recalled moreover in September 2022 that Magali Berdah had received 70,000 hate messages, sometimes embellished with death threats and anti-Semitic insults.

The influencer also reminded Tech&Co that she “has never been criminally convicted by the courts for fraudulent product placement or any other illicit activity”.

“He is right Booba, he is right to recall that there are abuses, that they are unacceptable, and we will put an end to them” declared Le Maire on Monday March 13 at France Info.



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