MAG started cattle vaccination campaign

MAG started cattle vaccination campaign


1,500 head of cattle were vaccinated against symptomatic anthrax in Changaimina parish. The campaign will start this Monday, June 5 and will run until the end of the month.

He began vaccination campaigns against anthrax, in bovines.

This activity is managed by the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock (MAG) of Loja, in coordination with the Changaimina Parish Government, of the Gonzanamá canton. Symptomatic anthrax is an infectious disease that mainly affects young cattle. The purpose of this crusade is to protect livestock, benefiting more than one hundred families in the parish. For this vaccination there is the economic contribution of the Parish GAD and the technical part is assumed by the MAG.

Roberto Gonzaga, MAG’s Gonzanamá livestock technician, invites all farmers in the sector to be vigilant and participate in this process of vaccinating their animals. He also highlighted the predisposition of this State portfolio to keep the public informed, for which he asked that they approach the MAG of the sector or the parish GAD.

On the other hand, José Andrés Cruz, District Director of Loja, highlighted the importance of this work, so that cattle are protected against any type of disease that harms milk production and decreases the family economy. “The vaccination campaign is preventive and has the purpose of protecting animals from the disease,” said the director.

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