MAFS viewers disgusted by groom’s friend: ‘What a jellyfish’

‘s best friend Married at First Sightgroom Astleigh makes a bad impression on viewers of the program. “What a disrespectful jellyfish #mafs.”

Rowan and Astleigh were about to tie the knot on Tuesday in Married at First Sight. Normally everything revolves around the newlyweds, but this time viewers mainly fell over the behavior of Astleigh’s best friend Rudi.

For example, in the car on the way to the wedding venue, the two friends have a fairly casual conversation about the wedding night, with Rudi using the necessary hand gestures to explain what he thinks should happen during this night.

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“Is he saying ‘you’?”

But the biggest annoyance seems to be the fact that Rudi is tutoying Rowan’s mother. The viewers also find the fact that Rudi, who at first sight seems very Dutch, speaks with an accent, is super irritating. When the party has arrived at the wedding venue, some viewers believe Married at First Sight even that Astleigh’s BFF peeks at Rowan’s mom a little too long.

We’ll see how the wedding goes next week. Fingers crossed, because not everyone Married at First Sightstory has a happy ending. Fortunately, the groom seems very impressed by the blond Rowan. And did you know that this celebrity has been a candidate in Married at First Sight?

Married at First Sight can be seen every Tuesday at 8.30 pm on RTL 4 or look ahead at Videoland.

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