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Madison Anderson Berrios presents her typical costume

By Rosalina Marrero-Rodríguez

12/11/2019 | 10: 41 a.m.

That song that is only heard on Puerto Rican nights, “coquí, coquí”, will resonate on the night of December 8 from the stage of the Miss Universe international contest when the representative of Puerto Rico, Madison Anderson Berrios, exhibits her typical costume.

The dress created and made by the designer and plastic artist Joshuan Aponte was baptized with the name "Golden Nature" and is a representation of the diversity of natural wealth of the island and this includes the distinctive coquí.

Madison Anderson transforms into coquí and maga flower for Miss Universe

The Puerto Rican queen presented the typical costume she will exhibit at Miss Universe 2019.

The green and red in the majestic dress are inspired by the maga flower, another symbol of the Puerto Rican identity, which will also be reflected with a 3D printing technology on which the flower's visuals will be projected.

"Meanwhile, a carefully decorated golden coquí rests on Madison's torso," as highlighted in the press release delivered this morning at a press conference from the San Juan Hotel in Isla Verde. “To complement the visual beauty, the auditory experience is recreated where the golden coquí delights the population with its particular song‘ coquí, coquí ’; using the support of 'bluetooth' technology integrated in the costume, ”the document adds.

The typical costume was made with the support of Dr. Pedro González, who joined Aponte for clothing.

the typical costume of madison anderson

one/ 7

During the presentation, the director of the local franchise, Denise Quiñones, announced that the prom dress that Miss Universe Puerto Rico will wear will be in charge of the Puerto Rican designer Luis Antonio.

“They have been intense months, but extraordinary months. I want to congratulate Madison for the work she has done, and we are all with very positive vibes, and with a 'feeling' that she will go far, ”said Quiñones, who for the second year will hold the representative of the island.

the typical costumes of our candidates in miss universe

one/2. 3


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The Puerto Rican candidate will travel to Atlanta, Georgia, on Friday, November 29, on a Delta Airlines flight. The international contest will be broadcast by WAPA at 8:00 p.m.


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