Maddie McCann case: for the first time, the missing girl's sister makes a public appearance

Maddie McCann case: for the first time, the missing girl's sister makes a public appearance

Amélie, the younger sister of Madeleine McCann, not found since May 3, 2007, spoke publicly for the first time on the occasion of the 16th anniversary of the terrible disappearance.

A first. While the infamous Madeleine McCann case recently made headlines again on the eve of the false claims of a young Polish girl who was convinced to be the little English girl who has been missing since 2007, the girl’s family recently came out of silence. .

Her parents, first, this Wednesday, May 3, 2023, 16 years to the day after the disappearance of their daughter during a vacation in Portugal. In a moving poem taken up by Kate and Gerry McCann, the latter, very discreet in the media, published this message: “Absence contradicts itself: disappearance evokes what we miss. You are not there, I’m not myself, but I still talk to you like that”. “You’re in the crowd, in the news, in the preview – I make sure you’re there when you’re not,” it read next. “How can you be so close and so far at the same time? You are not there. But you are there”.

Madeleine McCann’s younger sister Amelie, 18, speaks publicly for the first time at candle ceremony to mark 16 years since her disappearance, calling it ‘a sad occasion’

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This Friday, it was Amélie, Maddie’s younger sister, who had disappeared one summer evening from the bedroom of the rented apartment in Praia da Luz, while she slept next to her twins Sean and Amélie, aged two years at the time. The latter, who is now 18, was thus photographed for the first time.

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“Sad Event”

Amélie McCann, accompanied by her parents, attended a funeral wake in honor of her missing sister. In their hometown of Rothley, north of Leicester, she notably lit candles and addressed those present. A first public speaking for the young girl who described this anniversary as a “sad event”, even if she felt that it was “pleasant” that everyone came together for this moment. Her twin brother Sean was not present.

If Maddie’s family now avoids exposing themselves to the media, we still know that Amélie and Sean study in a school in Loughborough. They would be very athletic, participating in swimming championships and triathlons in particular, according to the British tabloid “The Daily MailThe school even reportedly kept a place open all these years in case Maddie was found.

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