“Lush, crystal clear waters and picturesque lighthouses”

Who knows the Cíes it is impossible not to surrender to the beauty of its nature. For something the ancestors called it “Island of the Gods”. The The New York Times, the most prestigious newspaper in the world, has been the last to fall before the evidence and has chosen the archipelago of the Ría de Vigo among your favorite destinations to travel in 2022 (Before, in 2007, The Guardian had already done it with the beach of Rhodes). A multimedia article published this Monday places the islands among its 52 options for a “different world” to travel this year (only two in Spanish territory: Cíes and El Hierro).

“This exuberant archipelago keeps excess tourism at bay, it is part of the enchantment”, highlights the text of AnneLise Sorensen for The New York Times on the Cíes. And is that one of the reasons on this list is the choice of less crowded tourist spots. A fact that the journalist emphasizes: “Even before the pandemic, the Cíes Islands had limited the number of daily visitors (1,800) for a long time to protect their environment and avoid over-tourism.”

Next, the author dedicates herself to making an exhaustive description of the archipelago. “Flourishing nature reserves, abundant marine life and robust colonies of birds,” he notes of the “protected biodiversity” of the environment. “Strict conservation efforts include restrictions against cars, hotels and noise, and ensure that only in designated areas can visitors explore long, curvy beaches, snorkeling in crystal clear waters and walking trails that wind their way to picturesque lighthouses “, flatters the narrative.

In any case, it was not only the day that made the journalist of The New York Times fall in love with the Cíes. As she herself writes, “the delight continues into the nightThe inky black starry skies have earned a designation starlight due to limited light pollution, “he says.

Finally, it indicates from which ports you can take a boat to get to this paradise and Take the opportunity to recommend Vigo and its oyster street, “where you can savor fresh oysters at outdoor wooden tables.”

The article published by The New York Times.

Cabllero, on the publication of The New York Times: “It is news that positions us in the world”

Abel Caballero mentioned the publication of The New York Times at a press conference, highlighting that this recognition comes from the “most important newspaper in the world” when looking at Vigo “two years after dedicating two pages to Christmas.” The councilor from Vigo explained that in the list of 52 destinations for a changed world, only two of them are in Spanish territory: Cíes and the island of El Hierro. “It is immeasurable news that positions us in the world”he added.

The mayor listed the list of international places included in the list prepared by the US newspaper and assured that Cíes is in the ranking “because seven years ago we started talking about making them a World Heritage Site and we put Cíes on the planet.” Caballero stressed that The New York Times “talks about Cíes, not other spaces”, in reference to the Xunta’s proposal to convert the entire Illas Atlánticas National Park into a UNESCO World Heritage Site. “We are not a World Heritage Site due to the piracy of the Xunta,” said the first mayor of Vigo in his appearance before the media, underlining that the publication of the New York newspaper “is an extraordinary endorsement.”

Caballero also criticized the regional government and its president, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, stating that he “does not want Vigo to have the World Heritage Site” and that the Galician Executive did not take “not a single action” in favor of Cíes: “Cíes burst and along the way they also burst the Ribeira Sacra ”, stated the mayor in reference to the postponement of this last candidacy presented to Unesco.

Cíes will be in Fitur, away from the Xunta stand

The councilor from Vigo also advanced that the National Park will be, together with Christmas and the tourist attraction of the city, one of the pillars of the presentation that the Council will make during its presence next week in Madrid, within the framework of the International Tourism Fair (Fitur). Caballero pointed out that this presentation will take place next Thursday, January 20 at 4:00 p.m. at the Madrid Fair Institute (Ifema), although it will not be held in the usual place: “We will be at the Turespaña stand presenting Vigo,” said the mayor . Together with the Provincial Council, the City Council will not display its presentation at the Turgalicia stand, installed by the Xunta and where traditionally all the presentations coming from the autonomous community take place during the Fitur days of celebration.

Caballero indicated that the Vigo presentation will be attended by the Minister of Industry, Commerce and Tourism, Reyes Maroto; and defended the change of location of the presentation in Ifema, considering that the tourist activity of the city has a dimension “all over the planet”: “Vigo will be in Turespaña, where a country as important for tourism as Spain is. It is the central place of attention in Fitur ”, he affirmed.



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