Lungin spoke warmly about the departed Mamonov

The sad news has shocked Russia today. The famous actor and musician Pyotr Mamonov, who was recently in a coma, passed away without regaining consciousness. On the air of Radio “Komsomolskaya Pravda” ( director Pavel Lungin shared warm memories of the artist and joint work.

“I saw a unique personality. Tormented, artistic, honest. Honest in self-destruction, honest in search of truth and God. Its human scale was extraordinary, ”said the director.

Lungin shot Mamonov in three of his films: “Taxi Blues”, “The Island” and “Tsar”. He calls all of them extraordinary precisely because of the presence of the actor in them.

“I was hoping to do a fourth film with him. He always dreamed of what kind of magician to play in a children’s fairy tale, ”he said.

The director said that the artist was self-critical of himself. After the takes, putting on his glasses, he went to the screen to see what happened. Sometimes he was so carried away by the process that he himself asked to do it again.


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