President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko has appealed to Polish politicians in connection with the migration crisis on the border of the two countries, BelTA informs.

“One more point. This is probably more of an appeal to the Poles. You probably hear that there are constant threats from these wild politicians and leaders of Poland: we will close the border, the Forge will be closed – there is a railway border crossing, ”Lukashenko said at a meeting with Governor of Grodno Region Vladimir Karanik and regional aide Yury Karaev.

According to Lukashenka, if it is more convenient for the Polish authorities, let them shut it down. “But first we need to think about how they will communicate with Russia, China, and in general with the East. They will go through Donbass. And there the guys are sharp. They will rebuild them quickly, ”he continued.

At the same time, according to the head of Belarus, no one is waiting for the Poles there. “This is how I speak figuratively – through the Donbass. Nobody is waiting for them there. There, Russia’s border with Ukraine is closed, ”Lukashenka explained.

He added that Warsaw is playing to exacerbate the situation in order to solve its own problems or blame Belarus for them.

Earlier, the UN said that the living conditions of migrants on the border of Poland and Belarus cause concern.

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