Luise F.: Police union of North Rhine-Westphalia calls for reform of criminal responsibility

Luise F.: Police union of North Rhine-Westphalia calls for reform of criminal responsibility

“Rigid laws won’t get us anywhere”

After the terrible incident in Freudenberg, police officers are looking for clues and the murder weapon in a wooded area.  The two alleged perpetrators are still children.

After the terrible incident in Freudenberg, police officers are looking for clues and the murder weapon in a wooded area. The two alleged perpetrators are still children.

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In the case of Luise F. from Freudenberg who was killed, the police suspect two underage girls (12 and 13 years old). Juveniles are only liable to prosecution from the age of 14. So the girls don’t have to go to court. The German Police Union NRW is now criticizing this. In individual cases, she also calls for prison sentences for children.

Julian Kaiser

Freudenberg. The violent death of twelve-year-old Luise F. from Freudenberg caused stunned nationwide. According to the responsible investigative authorities in Koblenz, the girl was stabbed by two girls under the age of 14. The children have already confessed to the crime.


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