XALAPA, SEE.- Germán Doroteo Lara does everything for his nephew Luis Arián Doroteo, even demonstrating in the streets of the state capital to order your medicines against leukemia.

The dream of Luis is to be fireman and so his uncle put it on a poster that showed the media during your mobilization

“Me nephew Luis Adrián Doroteo dreams of being fireman, have 8 years. Let’s help you make your dream, said the paper that he exhibited along with other fathers family and relatives who protested in Xalapa.

This Wednesday about twenty citizens left the State Cancer Center (CECAN) towards Enríquez Street and in front of the Palacio de Government of Veracruz They stressed that this is not a political issue.

Germán explains that his nephew requires folinic acid, vincristine and methotrexate, which are in short supply in the hospital and delay the treatment of Luis, who has seen his therapies altered for this problem.

“The chemo are being suspended for the shortage and they say nothing, only that later the medicine will arrive. We just want the opportunity for you to receive your medicines; They are not arriving as they should be.

“In some moments (the treatment) has been delayed and it is assumed that today he had one and there was none; time is delayed and he has to start over,” laments Germán.

The worst thing for him are the justifications for health authorities, who generally delay due to the fact that medicines they arrive “by the wayside” and are thus distributed.

“They send us to say that it will arrive and that it will arrive, but then no; we ask that they face us and give a clear answer because they are the ones who should be in charge of these things,” said the young man.

He argued that this situation motivated him to express himself as it also happened in other State cities and from country after the comments of the undersecretary from Prevention and health promotion, Hugo Lopez-Gatell, who stated that claims for him shortage could be a tried from Coup.


For her part, Teodora Alonso Bautista said that she left for her 4-year-old daughter who suffers leukemia acute lymphoblastic disease, the treatment of which can be triggered thousands of pesos for every session.

He stated that before the shortage The authorities think that the delay in treatment has no consequences, however, the specialists themselves recognize that it is a problem.

In addition, he questioned the quality of medicines that they have received recently, as they began receiving drugs from annealed companies and the last batches are Pakistani brands.

“It is not fair to me that if the private pharmacy has the oncological drug, these are given that are unknown and can cause reactions,” he commented.

He asserted that the delivery of medicine is not currently suspended, but in the event of any delay, treatment generally has to be started again and children or patients are at risk of suffering.

“This is not political, it is what we parents have shouted; we are not coupwe just want chemo

“They are not suspended (the medicines), but each father has to manage what his son needs or go to an institution to request it, which we should not do because the hospital should deliver him, “he said.