Luis Ventura revealed the important request that Jorge Rial made about his daughters

Luis Ventura revealed the important request that Jorge Rial made about his daughters

Luis Ventura recounted the important request that Jorge Rial made about his daughters

The journalist spoke of the link with the driver

louis ventura y Jorge Rial They knew how to forge a great working relationship for many years, but also a strong friendship, which, after some disagreements and differences, faded away.

Now, with the situation that he had to go through Jorge Rial in Colombia with his hospitalization as a result of a cardiac event, louis ventura He confessed that he felt a “discomfort in his chest”, which made him remember issues from the past.

“One day, one of the daughters came and put a chain on me saying: ‘I want you to be my godfather.’ The other day I was talking to the real godfather and he told me some things that I did not know, ”said the journalist on the A La Tarde program.

“He stopped being the godfather, not because of his heart, because that would have been the last thing he would have wanted, but because, suddenly, all the phone numbers were changed,” he added. louis ventura.

Then, he delved into the relationship that linked him to Jorge Rial. “With Rial we shared a two-by-two dressing room. There was a closet, a small table and a mirror. That part that was the largest of the dressing room was occupied by Rial. I changed above the toilet. I was always late and then Jorge was changing, so I would go ‘to the bottom right,’” he said. louis ventura.

He also revealed that Jorge Rial once made an important request related to his daughters, Morena and Rocío. “One fine day he told me: ‘Come and sign here.’ I’m not going to tell you about one of the things I signed, but for the other he told me: ‘If I die, or if they kill me, I want you to be responsible for my daughters’ lives. I signed, I didn’t look to see if it was true or not, and he grabbed it and took it away,” he said. louis ventura.

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Jorge Rial and Luis Ventura.
Jorge Rial and Luis Ventura. Photo: @jrial.

“The firm was to make me responsible that, if something happened to Rial, I was going to take care of the lives of his daughters. Jorge has the role,” added the journalist, who remarked at that time the concern of Jorge Rial.

“Rial’s face was broken in El Cielo, which later compensated him with 30 thousand dollars. Later, at the entrance to the Alto Palermo shopping mall, they smashed his face in. I had to take him in a wheelchair to one of the sanatoriums in Juncal and Coronel Díaz at dawn,” he closed. louis ventura.


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