Luis Rubiales remains oblivious to all the controversy generated, first, by the kiss that planted Jenni Hermoso during the World Cup final, second, for his non-resignation as head of the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF). Although live your lowest hours, it seems that the controversy does not go with him. Or that is what the photograph that the program ‘Así es la vida’ has had access to reveals. In this, its reappearance after the Extraordinary Assembly of the Federation, he is seen very smiling in the company of several workers from the Santa Ana de Motril hospital. The still highest authority of the king of sports in our country went there to accompany her mother. Ángeles Béjar went to the emergency center after suffering a crisis last Wednesday after declaring a hunger strike.

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Luis Rubiales travels to Motril to see his mother

Luis Rubiales reappears from the Motril hospital

The photo of Luis Rubiales broadcast by ‘Así es la vida’, from Telecinco.

The aforementioned image (on these lines) has transpired less than 24 hours after the mother of Luis Rubiales was discharged (the same day of his admission, it should be emphasized). She did it in the company of her son, who moved to Motril after hearing the news. The woman had entrenched herself in the Divina Pastora Church in Motril. She had not eaten any food for 57 hours, only water and ‘Aquarius’ as a protest against the “injustices” to which she was subjecting her son. I don’t mind dying for justice.My son is a decent person and what they are doing is not fair,” he said then.

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It was the parish priest of the Church, Antonio, who informed the press, crowded at the doors of the temple, that Ángeles had made the decision to go to the hospital encouraged by Rubiales himself.” I have to tell you that Ángeles has had a crisis,It has gotten worse and they have had to take her to the hospital.he. It is not here. It has been decided to take her away 10 minutes ago. She has gone out the back door. She was dizzy and felt weak. She had swollen feet and she was tired.She has become nervous and in a state of high stress“, explained the ecclesiastic.

The image that has spread the Telecinco program, presented by Sandra Barneda, coincides with the latest and incendiary statements by Juan Rubiales. The uncle of the leader and former chief of his Cabinet in the RFEF has not hesitated to point out his nephew for “mafia” practices and denounce irregularities during the years that he has led the Federation. According to him, the Rubiales family is on Jenni Hermoso’s side, who has always maintained that her kiss was neither consented to nor encouraged by her, as Luis Rubiales has tried to defend himself to cling to office.

  1. Ángeles Béjar in the Motril church.
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    Ángeles Béjar, mother of Rubiales, is already at home recovering

    Ángeles Béjar in the Motril church. (Photo: Gtres)

  2. Luis Rubiales and the salary he earns monthly.  In the image we see him in the final of the Women's Soccer World Cup
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    Rubiales had been missing for six months

    The president refuses to resign. He will remain in office until the contrary is decided (Photo: Gtres)

  3. The kiss between Rubiales and Jennifer Hermoso in the Sydney final
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    The kiss of the controversy that has Rubiales on the ropes

    The kiss between Rubiales and Jennifer Hermoso in the Sydney final. (Photo: TVE)