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Luis Raúl Sánchez will be the next mayor of Humacao

Humacao – Luis Raúl Sánchez was proclaimed as the winner of the contest by the mayor of this municipality, and will thus become the successor of the late mayor Marceo Trujillo Panisse.

About an hour after the polls closed in the special election, the president of the Popular Democratic Party (PPD), Aníbal José Torres, gave Sanchez the winner, who has served as interim mayor.

“Today the Humacao folk expressed themselves and elected their new mayor. We congratulate the companions who made themselves available and led a high campaign. Democracy triumphed today and the PPD is ready to win the next elections, not only in Humacao, but throughout Puerto Rico, ”said Torres, who said that Sanchez obtained the votes of 3,020 of the 3,697 voters who went to the polls for the special election.

"Now it is up to all the popular, along with Luis Raúl Sánchez, to do the work of unity that is required," said the popular leader.

The final results of the State Election Commission (EEC) are not yet available, but preliminary Sanchez was around 4:30 p.m. a comfortable advantage over his two opponents.

Counted 20 of the 30 polling stations, Sanchez rose with 82.80% of the favor of the voters of Humacao. Sánchez disputes the mayor of Humacao in front of the municipal legislator Zayra Enid Delgado and the administrator of the market square, Julia Acosta.

Acosta has 10.88% and Delgado maintains 6.32%, according to official EEC numbers.

In this contest, former representative Narden Jaime Espinosa was decertified for hiding information from the PPD Qualifying Commission.

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