Luis Miguel: Diego Boneta responds to Michelle Salas’ complaint about the series

Diego Boneta considers Luis Miguel to be the Mexican Elvis Presley or Frank Sinatra. Photo: Cuartoscuro

After Michelle Salas denounced that Luis Miguel’s series sexualized her through the character that represents her and violated the intimacy of a 19-year-old girl, Diego Boneta, who plays the “Sol”, gave his opinion on the complaint of the singer’s daughter.

The Luis Miguel’s relationship with Michelle Salas was an essential part of the second season of the series, which is why the media rescued interviews in which the interpreter of “Or your or any” he denied his paternity several times.

The also daughter of Stephanie Salas and great-granddaughter of Silvia Pinal He had remained on the sidelines about what the plot showed of his life, however, after the transmission of the final chapter, he broke the silence and described his image in production as “Disrespectful and unfortunate.”

Diego Boneta responds to Michelle Salas’ complaint about Luis Miguel’s series

In a meeting with the press, Diego Boneta talked about the complain from Michelle Salas explaining that she is one of the producers of the series, but not the one who makes the final decision. In addition, he stressed that what is transmitted in the chapters it is told by Luis Miguel.

“I am one of several producers. Believe me that if I were the one with the final decision it would be another wave, but I am one of several producers “

Diego Boneta

The actor was approached while he was at the Mexico City airport to catch a flight to Los Angeles.

“In the end it is something told by Luis Miguel and we try to do this in the best possible way, with the best possible quality for all the public”

Diego Boneta

When they asked him directly if it coincided with Michelle, about the way in which they sexualized her, she only limited herself to answering: “Thank you.”

Boneta no longer wanted to answer any more questions and went to check his luggage. He was also able to access a boarding room through a door that kept him away from the media.


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