Luis García responds to Ricardo Salinas about his possible departure from TV Azteca

The start of Opening 2022 it was complicated for Aztec TV because they lost the transmissions of two teams such as Necaxa and FC Juárez, so they only have Puebla and Mazatlán.

Given the lack of transmissions, a user on social networks asked Ricardo Salinas Pliegoowner of the Ajusco television station, if he would allow his successful duo to change their horizons in sports commentary, such as Christian Martinoli and Luis García.

The businessman’s response implied that they can go wherever they want since he “does not have them tied up.” These statements caused a lot of controversy, so much so that Luis García already responded to Salinas Pliego and ended the speculation.

“We are never going to leave. Never fuck ”, was what the former soccer player wrote on social networks. This response was quoted by Ricardo Salinas himself, “My dear Luis García, people do not understand that when you have freedom, decisions become easier to make, I thank you for his work.”

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Christian Martinoli and Luis García have made a great team together with Jorge Campos, Luis Roberto Alvez ‘Zague’ in soccer broadcasts. These characters have become the favorites of the public since the broadcasts make them enjoyable.

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