Luigui Bleand presents “Zumba” with a new musical concept of reggae pop

Luigui Bleand presents “Zumba” with a new musical concept of reggae pop

With a combination of urban music, reggaetón and pop, Luigui Bleand presents his most recent release, “Zumba”, together with Yomel El Meloso and Tivi Gunz.

The song is now available on all digital platforms and is part of the new musical concept of reggae pop, a genre authored by Luigui Bleand that combines pop and urban, without neglecting its Afro-Caribbean roots. The talented Dominican artist today heads the editorial playlist “Puro Perreo” and the American playlist “New Music Friday” on Spotify.

The release marks the next chapter in the musical career of Luigui Bleand, who is getting ready for his next record production, “Pandora”.

“Zumba” is now available on all music platforms, so the public can now dance to the rhythm of this catchy song. But that’s not all, since the music video, produced under the Bleand Style label, is an audiovisual spectacle that will leave you breathless. It is a constant acceleration of joy, color and rhythm, with a choreography that plays perfectly with the music. Luigui Bleand, El Meloso and Gunz overflow with energy and talent.


“Zumba” is just one of Luigui Bleand’s many hits. So far in 2023, just a few weeks ago, the artist surprised the music industry with the song “Mueve eso”, which exceeds 500,000 streams on Spotify, and one million views on YouTube. In addition, he monopolized editorial lists including: Dembow Dominicano, Dembow Pegao, Mucho Rap, Flow Dominicano and República Dembow, among others.

With “Zumba”, the Dominican confirms once again that he is a dynamic and creative artist, who is not afraid to innovate with surround sounds from which no one can escape.

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