Lufthansa's A380 resumes service on June 1, first scheduled flight in 3 years, first flight to Boston

Lufthansa's A380 resumes service on June 1, first scheduled flight in 3 years, first flight to Boston

Lufthansa German Airlines (DLH/LH) will resume regular flight operations of its Airbus A380 aircraft on June 1, 2019, after an interval of three years. The first flight to be resumed will be LH424 from Munich to Boston, and from July 4, which marks the Independence Day of the United States, the Munich-New York (JFK) route will also be available.

Lufthansa’s A380 return No. 1 “Dusseldorf” (from the company’s Twitter)

The first to return to service will be an A380 (registered D-AIMK) named “Dusseldorf”, with plans to return four aircraft based in Munich by the end of the year.Lufthansa’s A380With 509 seats in 4 classes (8 first seats, 78 business seats, 52 premium economy seats, 371 economy seats), the A340-600 currently being launched on two U.S. routes (297 seats in 4 classes: 8 first seats, 44 business seats, premium economy 32 seats and 213 economy seats), the number of available seats will increase by 1.7 times.

D-AIMK proceeded with maintenance for its return in Manila, Philippines, and maintenance work was carried out by Lufthansa Technic, a maintenance company of the Lufthansa Group. The aircraft departed Frankfurt on January 29 as ferry flight LH9922 and arrived in Manila, where Lufthansa Technic Philippines has a maintenance facility. It left Manila on March 12 as flight LH9921 and returned to Frankfurt, according to Flightradar24, a website that provides aircraft location information.

Lufthansa operated 14 A380s, but retired six in the spring of 2020 and sold them. The remaining eight aircraft are in long-term storage in Spain and France, and will be gradually restored. Lufthansa explained that it decided to resume the operation of the A380 due to delays in the delivery of ordered aircraft, in addition to the recovery of passenger demand after the new corona. The A380 is also popular with passengers and crew, so it is said that it will be reintroduced.

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The company is one of the launch customers for Boeing’s next-generation 777X aircraft, and has already placed a firm order for 20 777-9s. On May 9, 2022, we ordered seven 777-8 Freighter cargo versions of the 777X. The first delivery of the passenger version of the 777-9 is expected to take place in 2025, two years later.

Lufthansa A380 departing Munich (file photo)=March 2018 PHOTO: Yusuke KOHASE/Aviation Wire

Lufthansa A340-600 (file photo) preparing to depart from Munich=March 2018 PHOTO: Yusuke KOHASE/Aviation Wire

777-9 introduced by Lufthansa=July 18, 2022 PHOTO: Tadayuki YOSHIKAWA/Aviation Wire

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Lufthansa A380
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Utilize undelivered machines
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