At the age of 76, theater and film actress Lyudmila Kupina passed away, according to Star Hit.

The cause of death of the star of Russian cinema has not been specified.

In 1968, the actress made her debut in the musical comedy Trembita, playing Vasilina. Kupina’s recognition was brought about by roles in “Office Romance” and “Eternal Call”, she also starred in such films as “Wormwood – Bitter Grass”, “Cherry Pool”, “Without a statute of limitations”, “The Man at the Half-Station”, “Serpents” and “Break”.

She served as an artist at the Theater and Cinema Center under the direction of director Nikita Mikhalkov.

Earlier it became known about the death of screenwriter and director Nikolai Rasheev, who shot the film “Bumbarash”, he was 86 years old.


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