Gradually it is no longer worth counting how much spring Lukasz Piszczek is actually experiencing in the late autumn of his career.

During the first half of the season after Piszczek’s loss of regular place on the right defender position all indicated that the career end originally planned for this summer, a change of position suddenly caused a rethink.

In May, the now 35-year-old veteran renewed his contract with BVB after he again played a leading role in the field as right-back in the back of the triple chain and as deputy captain for injured Marco Reus.

Favre advised Piszczek to change BVB

Thanks to Lucien Favre that the Pole is now in his eleventh season with Dortmund – not only because of the recent retraining as a central defender.

When Piszczek moved from Poland to Hertha BSC in the Bundesliga in 2007, Favre had just taken over as the “old lady” as a coach. Due to persistent personnel worries, Piszczek, who was actually trained as a striker, was then retrained from the Swiss to the right-back and thus became the focus of Jürgen Klopp and Borussia Dortmund in 2010.

Favre was no longer a Hertha coach, but Piszczek kept in touch.

In an interview on the BVB website, the Pole confirmed that Favre advised him to switch at the time. The Swiss said: “Lukasz, you definitely have to do it! It’s BVB! If necessary, you have to go there on foot!”

Piszczek added: “And everyone told me that BVB is a great club and Jürgen Klopp is a coach among whom there are young people.” Players can develop well. “

Favre praises Piszczek: “Exceptionally intelligent football player”

After his beginnings in the storm and isolated appearances in the attacking midfield, the transfer to the youngest triple chain after many years as a right-back is now the fourth position for Piszczek under Favre.

“Lukasz also moved well as a striker, he has a good header and an eye for the situation. But his real talent was somewhere else, we saw it for the first time in a friendly with the U23,” said Favre looking back at the Hertha time. “He is an exceptionally intelligent football player and immediately internalized the processes on the outside line.”

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The changeover was also easy for Piszczek. “That maybe shows that as a player I may not be the stupidest. I think I can put myself in any role and show that I understand the game,” he said. “I used to love attacking and scoring goals for my life. But the tendency in old age is to retreat a bit further on the pitch.”

Before he retires completely to his home country and ends his career at his youth club LKS Goczalkowice, he wants to help BVB with all his experience in the new season.

Piszczek postpones the end of the career again?

With Mateu Morey and the newcomer Thomas Meunier, the competition on the right side of the defense has not diminished despite the departure of Achraf Hakimi, but Piszczek has found his place in the three row anyway.

Is there a growing likelihood that he will postpone the end of his career again? “Slow!” Replies Piszczek. “As of today, I will say goodbye to Dortmund next summer. I have my plans at home in Poland, which I had to postpone for a year now because of the contract extension.”

Together with his wife, he had long decided to return to Poland: “This is where our family lives, there is my home club and there I built my academy.”