On Tv Sorrisi e Canzoni, Luciana Littizzetto explains that she became a mother in foster care thanks to Maria De Filippi and her example with her son Gabriele: “All thanks to her. When I went to get Jordan and Vanessa, they were two mice ”. The painful story: “It was not easy to take them away from there”.

Luciana Littizzetto has appeared in all bookstores with her new book “I trust you. Story of my children born from the heart”, published by Mondadori. For the first time, he talked about the foster parenting experience. As is known, fifteen years ago, the Turin comedian decided to welcome Jordan and Vanessa into her family. On Tv Sorrisi e Canzoni he explains how he made this decision. It was crucial Maria From Philippi in this choice.

The words of Luciana Littizzetto

As she told in a long interview with Tv Sorrisi e Canzoni, anticipating details also present in her new publication published by Mondadori, Luciana Littizzetto revealed: “The spark came after a ‘defilippica’. It was thanks to her. I went to have a coffee at her house and she confided to me that she had started this experience (the adoption of Gabriele, her current and only child, ed)” . That was the moment when Luciana Littizzetto seriously thought about adoption. Three years later, in fact, Luciana Littizzetto went to a community in Pavia and decided to adopt Jordan and Vanessa: “They were two mice”, reminds the comic to the weekly.

What Jordan and Vanessa do today

It was not easy to raise two children: “They had mixed reactions”, explained Luciana Littizzetto. “He couldn’t wait to leave the community, she was afraid to leave it”. Today Jordan and Vanessa are two guys with a brilliant career ahead of them: Vanessa works in the world of communication, Jordan works in film productions. Lucianina’s children call her “Lu” and not “mamma”. He also told it in the episode on Sunday evening to “Che tempo che fa”. She explained that she was a little sorry for this, but she understands why: “For them, mom was another woman, and this word, which is beautiful for you, is a wound for us.” A troubled past behind Jordan and Vanessa.

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