Lucerito Mijares spends an embarrassing moment in the streets of Times Square

Lucerito Mijares is one of the most charismatic young promises of the mediumIn addition to being the daughter of Manuel Mijares y Luceroher great personality has helped her win the hearts of the public.

Recently, Lucerito caught the attention of his followers by sharing a “small” mishap he had on one of his recent walks around New York City.

Through his Instagram account, the young singer shared an image where she can be seen doing a jump in the airwith the aim of immortalizing his walk through the streets of Times Square.

However, in the same publication Lucerito reveals that her stunt did not go as well as she expectedbecause at the time of landing he realized that his pants could not withstand the pressure and ended up breaking.

Everything was going fine until my pants ripped! Thank you for your attention!” wrote the young promise.

The publication did not take long to become viral, obtaining the attention of thousands of users, among them was Lucero, who did not hesitate to send an affectionate greeting to his daughter.

How can I give a million likes to this??? You are the best on this planet!” Lucero wrote, visibly moved.

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