Luca Percassi locks the coach: “Gasperini is untouchable, we still want Europe”

The CEO has launched important messages for the future, confirming the technician and giving guarantees on Pagliuca

by Fabio Gennari

There are important words and moments when they are said that make everything even stronger. Solid. Decisive. The CEO of Atalanta, Luca Percassispoke in the aftermath of the lost match against Leipzig on the de columns The Eco of Bergamo and it has set some crucial stakes to look forward with confidence.

In summary, the interview published this morning (April 16) in the city newspaper gives at least one important confirmation, it reveals a wish regarding Pagliuca and Chelsea and confirms that the Bergamo public is a splendid certainty.

«Gasperini stay in Bergamo? This is not in dispute. Maximum confidence in the coach ». On the day when the disappointment and despair of many fans cast shadows on the Grugliasco coach, the words of the Nerazzurri ad are relevant. They confirm that a result cannot cancel a project. Subsequent declarations then reveal the desire to fix the team to improve it, but also that all arguments will be made without bowls and based on whether or not we are still in Europe. It is a key step, Atalanta is not demobilized or even refounds, but is thinking of improving starting from a coach who is under contract until 2024 with an option until 2025.

“We hope that Pagliuca manages to take Chelsea, we would have enormous advantages.” Another very interesting concept concerns the possibility that the new majority shareholder of the DEA will be able to take control of the London club. Pagliuca was struck by the passion and the show of affection of the public of the Goddess for Gasperini’s team the other night against Leipzig, if he could also take on the London club it could create an axis of collaboration that for Atalanta ( which has a distinctly different size and numbers) would be invaluable. An example? A player like Abraham could get to Bergamo much more easily, the English market (much loved by Gasperini) would be much more accessible with obvious advantages for Atalanta.

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«I was thrilled to see the applause at the end of the match and that” Bergamo, Bergamo “sung with the team. Pagliuca repeated “Fantastic, amazing” ». That the stadium against Leipzig has sent very important signals was already clear, but hearing the club’s number two speak in these terms has a very strong weight. There are seven games to go, Atalanta still want Europe and the push from the people will be decisive. Today and in the future. If even the new American shareholder understands how much that shirt is worth to all the Nerazzurri people, then he can only act accordingly. On the market, but not only.



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