Dresden lawyer Frank Hannig was dismissed by the presiding judge Thomas Sagebiel on the seventh day of the Lübcke trial. Hannig was one of the two defenders of the main defendant Stephan E., who is said to have murdered Walter Lübcke, the President of Kassel.

The relationship of trust between the accused and the Dresden lawyer was “disturbed” and “broken”, the judge explained his decision. Hannig had not discussed requests with his client. In addition, the lawyer’s defense approaches harmed the accused.

Differences due to requests for evidence

Dresden defense attorney Hannig reportedly made five new requests for evidence on Monday. Judge Sagebiel had ended the session in the dispute. Both the main defendant E. and the first defense attorney Mustafa Kaplan distanced themselves from Hannig’s requests. They asked him for an “exemption”.

Hannig, however, wanted to keep the mandate and opposed the application to release him. After the early end of the trial day, both lawyers wanted to submit a statement about the scandal. Finally, on Tuesday morning, the judge announced Hannig’s release.

The main defendant had already lost confidence in the first lawyer

Stephan E. had already withdrawn his first lawyer Dirk Waldschmidt’s trust and replaced him with Hannig. E. is not only on trial for the murder of Kassel government president Walter Lübcke.

He also has to answer for evidence of a refugee stabbed in Lohfelden near Kassel in 2016. In this case the charge is: attempted murder and dangerous bodily harm. The federal prosecutor accuses the defendant from northern Hesse of acting on the right-wing radical, xenophobic sentiment.

Hannig is said to have founded Pegida Friends Association

The Dresden lawyer Frank Hannig is said to have founded the “Pegida Förderverein eV” in March 2015, which is still the backbone of the movement, including the Sächsische Zeitung and the research portal “Correctiv”. Hannig reportedly does not play a public role at Pegida.

With one exception: In April 2017, Frank Hannig appeared publicly at a Pegida rally. He spoke on the podium about the Arnsdorf trial, in which he himself defended a defendant. “Social networks and the press have become the new executioners,” he said. The story of the refugee in Arnsdorf “normally never made it into a newspaper”. “Nothing would have happened if social networks and the media hadn’t turned it into a political issue,” said Hannig.

Four men were charged with the Arnsdorf trial, who are said to have tied a mentally ill refugee to a tree after a riot in a supermarket in May 2016. The trial was discontinued on the first day of the trial. Shortly before, the victim, who was supposed to testify, was found dead in a forest.

Frank Hannig today for the free voters in the Dresden City Council

Frank Hannig competed for the free voters in the 2019 local elections, including together with the controversial bookseller Susanne Dagen. He won the mandate and is now also a city councilor in the Dresden city parliament.

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