Lozano the liveliest, Anguissa at the top, Lobotka not yet. Impact Zerbin-Petagna!

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Meret 6 – Called into question only in the round-the-ball up to the action of the goal: it is not easy to read the cut that had to cover the defense, then the touch under measure puts him offside. Unjust this time to give him particular blame

By Lorenzo 6 – Not very involved, however, he is limited to an important work on the way out and above all in being aggressive on the overturning of the Giurona (from 70 ‘ Zanoli sv)

Rrahman 6.5 – When prompted, he is ready with a couple of excellent closures, an extra job also on the aerial game on some treacherous ball. A guarantee, already in championship form (from 70 ‘ Ostigard st)

Kim 6 – Great mastery in the output on the furious high blood pressure of the Girona. He stains his performance with a not perfect positioning on the pocket that leads to the goal, keeping the opponent in play and asking for an offside that is not there (from 70 ‘Juan Jesus sv)

Mario Rui 6 – He holds the position without overdoing it, unusually, accompanies less than usual because he is involved even less but not demerit and gives quality above all in exit (from 70 ‘ Oliver St)

Anguissa 7 – Here’s the player who drove everyone crazy last season. Physically growing and therefore begins to double in both phases, also compensating for some difficulties of his teammates in the retreats (from 70 ‘ Zielinski sv)

Lobotka 6 – He does not give up on ‘defending’ forward in the negative transitions, he brings home some recovery but also several strings. It still needs to grow as a condition and consequently aggression to return to that of the best versions (from 70 ‘ Demme sv)

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Fabian 6,5 – Unlock many actions while avoiding a slow ball turn. There are some mistakes, but the best insights are his. As soon as he can, he calibrates the left-handed but does not find the goal (from 70 ‘ St. Elms)

Politano sv – A couple of shots before raising the white flag for a muscle problem probably (from 24 ‘ Kvaratskhelia 7 – Significant difference compared to the other outsiders in terms of quality: fantastic flying control taking it to the left and touching the goal, dribbling at the edge of the area is now a constant, then swerves in a handkerchief and obtains and scores the penalty of the trio)

Osimhen 6 – Not an unforgettable test. This time he has more chances, but he does not materialize: a couple of good conclusions find the goalkeeper, then only splinters the crossbar on a cross from Lozano on which he pays more attention to power than to precision (from 70 ‘ Petagna 6.5 – League the game more, acting with his back to the goal, then at the first real ball towards the goal he finds the far corner even scoring a nice goal)

Lozano 7 – He starts on the left, but then does better on the right: constant push and is the best of the starting lineup for over an hour. He propitiates the own goal of the former Lopez, continues to pour balls in the center and then in the second half serves a. perfect cross that Osimhen does not crush on goal (from 70 ‘ Zerbin 6,5 – What a nice high impact from outside, albeit on the right. He often pushes the transition, then also shows growth in touch sensitivity by dosing well the assist for Petagna who can aim for the door)

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