24 November 2021, 14:10

Singer and composer Yuri Loza in a conversation with “FAN” admitted that he started the trial with Channel One not for the sake of money. According to the musician, the Golos showrunners deliberately wanted to humiliate him by illegally using his song “Raft” in the program.

“If they apologized, if they were somehow interested in this matter, then there would be no process. You see, I need the whole process in order to get them to apologize so that they understand that they are wrong. I didn’t start all this because of the money. <...> My task is to explain to Channel One that it is impossible to do this with the authors, ”Loza emphasized.

He clarified that he forbade the “Voice” program to use his song “Raft” in its show, but the mentors of the project “sat and laughed” over him, after Alina Viardot still sang the “forbidden” song. According to the composer, Channel One will not “leave everything as it is” and will appeal against the court’s verdict. The singer predicted that the litigation would end at best in the middle of next year.

“This episode was the only one where the vocalist who sang the song was not discussed, and the song itself was not discussed. And only Loza was discussed, who is supposedly sitting there now and is nervous. They sat and laughed about it. That Loza knows that you can’t sing a song, but we sang it. This was done specifically to humiliate Loza. They received instructions, all these guys, and everyone pounced on me, ”said the composer.

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Previously Loza denied information about the collection of a million rubles from Channel One.


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