Lower Franconia: Flooded streets and full cellars after a thunderstorm

A short, violent thunderstorm with heavy rain that passed over the district of Aschaffenburg at around 3:30 p.m. on Friday afternoon caused many fire brigade operations in Mainaschaff and Kleinostheim. The storm caused cellars to fill up and streets to be flooded. Due to clogging by rubbish, the sewer inlets in several streets could no longer cope with the water masses and had to be cleaned.

Slope in Mainaschaff slipped

On the access road to the sports center in Mainaschaff, a slope has slipped due to the heavy rain. There the fire brigade and the building yard of the municipality of Mainaschaff cleaned the road together. In the course of the afternoon, the fire brigades processed more than 20 storms. 15 missions were reported from Mainaschaff alone. Around 50 volunteers from the fire brigade were on duty at the wedding. A thunderstorm also kept the fire brigade busy in the district of Kitzingen.

Mud from fields is washed up on the road

The heavy rain near Prichsenstadt washed the mud from the fields onto the country road. The entire street was temporarily under water. The fire department pumped the water from the street and secured neighboring properties with sandbags.

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