The Jeep Renegade It was the model of the American firm best-selling in Spain last September. In total they are matr492 units were registered compact SUV, ranking position 42 of the best-selling cars in our country. Something that has a lot to do with the fact that the Renegade It has one of the best offers of the brand.

The Renegade It is an ideal SUV to circulate around the city and combine it with weekend getaways. Measure 4,232 mm in length and has a trunk of 351 liters. And among its benefits are its behavior on the move, its equipment, the quality of its materials, its finishes and its construction, and also for its design prepared for adventure.

Jeep Renegade
Jeep Renegade

This is the Jeep Renegade access

In its access version, it is already a very solvent model. It is powered by a gasoline engine of 1.0 liter Turbo what offers 120 horsepower and 190 Nm of maximum torque. This block is associated with a front-wheel drive system and a six-speed manual gearbox.

With this configuration, this Jeep Renegade accelerates from 0 a 100 km/h on 11.2 seconds and its maximum speed is 185 km/h. Its average consumption is 5.7 liters each 100 kilometers, according to the homologation cycle WLTP.

Jeep Renegade
Jeep Renegade

Standard equipment and offers for the Renegade

In terms of equipment, the Renegade access comes with the finish Sport. This includes, among other details, air conditioning, multimedia system with touch screen 5 inches, multifunction steering wheel or Bluetooth.

But pay attention to the best: its price. Because the fee to access this model is 23,600 euros. Nevertheless, Jeep It advertises it on its website for two discounted prices.

Jeep Renegade
Jeep Renegade

On the one hand, you can get one per 19,400 euros in cash. On the other, the firm promotes it for 15.900 euros subject to financing. This goes through conditions that include an opening commission of € 670.36 and 72 installments of € 305.49. There is no entry or final fee. And in the end you will end up paying 22.665,69 €.


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