La Romande invited two candidates to her home. His first crush is confirmed.

Paulette and Dan when the latter visited him in Switzerland.

M6 screenshot

Remember. Paulette had an extraordinary speed dating experience. The 62-year-old Valais met Dan, a 68-year-old retired cook and pastry chef, whom she had seen in meditation two years earlier. The donkey and manager of the refreshment bar also brought Bruno to her home. If Dan was obvious from the start, she ended up hesitating a little bit.

During the October 11 episode, Paulette tested them by taking them to the market. She hoped the two of them would break their shell. And it was served because the two suitors let go. They danced, played a scene from a movie and there was a lot of laughter. Then direction Saint-Léonard to visit the largest underground lake in Europe. Bruno and Dan had a hard time holding back their tears after a little violin concert.

“It touches my heart, it touches my soul”

The evening was marked by a little karaoke. Impressed by Dan’s voice, Paulette enjoyed singing alongside him. He even dedicated a song to her. “It’s spiritual recognition. It touches my heart, it touches my soul. We already know each other, we have already crossed paths. It’s not love at first sight, it’s obvious, ”said the farmer. Bruno, who attended the scene, saw that something was being born between them. “Tomorrow is another day, we’ll see how it goes,” he said.


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