Lottery of receipts, the winning tickets of 2 March

Lottery of receipts, the winning tickets of 2 March

The receipt lottery continues in 2023, even if everything changes. This is the free competition linked to the Italia Cashless program developed by the former Conte government to encourage the use of credit, debit, ATM, prepaid cards and payment apps. Those who have not yet taken part in the receipt lottery can still participate in the next draws. We remind you that all natural persons of age residing in Italy can participate, who have obtained the lottery code (you can retrieve it here) and use electronic payment instruments for purchases of goods or services at retail shops. How the receipt lottery works Although it has been defined as a flop (here we have explained why) and, as we said, the government has decided to modify it to make it more like a scratch card, to participate in the lottery it is enough for now to show everyone ‘operator, at the time of each cashless purchase, therefore not in cash, his own code. Once this is done, the electronic receipt issued automatically gives virtual tickets to participate in the lottery: one virtual ticket for every euro spent, up to a maximum of 1,000 virtual tickets for each receipt of an amount equal to or greater than 1,000 euros. If the amount spent is greater than 1 euro, any decimal figure greater than 49 cents will produce another virtual ticket. As soon as the reform is approved, the receipt lottery will become an instant game: here you will find all the upcoming news. Excluded purchases However, not all purchases allow you to participate in the lottery. As we said, only card and app purchases are valid, but not all. Purchases are excluded: made in cash; for an amount of less than 1 euro; made online; intended for the exercise of business, art or profession; documented by electronic invoices; for which the fee data is transmitted to the Health Card system (for example purchases made at pharmacies, parapharmacies, opticians, analysis laboratories, veterinary clinics, etc.); for which the buyer requests the operator to acquire his tax code for the purposes of tax deduction or deduction. How much you win: the prizes Every week you can win 15 prizes of 25,000 euros for those who buy, and 15 prizes of 5,000 euros for those who sell. There are also monthly draws with 10 prizes of 100,000 euros for buyers and 10 prizes of 20,000 euros for exhibitors. The weekly draws are held every Thursday for all receipts transmitted and recorded by the lottery system from Monday to Sunday, until 11.59pm of the previous week. If the drawing day falls on a national holiday, the drawing is postponed to the next working day. The monthly extractions are carried out every second Thursday of the month, for the receipts transmitted and registered by the lottery system by 11.59 pm on the last day of the previous month. If the second Thursday of the month falls on a national holiday, the draw is postponed to the following working day. The winning code draws of Thursday 2 March 2023 Weekly draw N° 9 – 2023 of Thursday 2 March 2023: the 15 weekly winning codes (date, winning code and how much win): 24/02/2023 0101-0036 53SNS305226 01790007 42.71 25 /02/2023 0165-0203 88I24014139 23.66 23/02/2023 0796-0014 99MEX091806 143.40 25/02/2023 1367-0001 53SNS303231 04210015 83.44 26/02/2023 1172-0272 72MU1056755 36.18 21/02/2023 1434-0038 96SRT000927 00020104 121.40 23/02/2023 1745-0005 53SNS301025 01130004 40.93 25/02/2023 1646-0007 53SNS300274 00100035 99.86 20/02/2023 1377-0012 53SNS303327 30660007 35.44 22/02/2023 1149-0021 53SNS303249 37020024 73.25 25/02/2023 1329-0150 53SNS300340 10090024 99.78 20/02/2023 1326-0082 3BIWB004264 84.27 25/02/2023 0335-0071 80M09501167 73.84 26/02/2023 2389-0158 53SNS301188 61910017 114.55 23/02/2023 1385-0180 99MEY036751 40.10 Qui l’ draw last week. The annual draw took place on Friday 4 July, which provides for a maxi prize of 5 million euros for the buyer and a prize of 1 million euros for the operator: here is the drawing of the winning ticket.



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