Lots of questions about Haenel’s new assault rifle

Mith astonishment and the request to provide details on the decision, MPs of the coalition and the opposition reacted to the selection proposal of the Ministry of Defense for the successor to the German armed forces’ assault rifle. The decision was made in favor of a small company in Suhl, Thuringia, which belongs to an armaments group from the United Arab Emirates. The company CG Haenel, which according to information from financial service providers has only a few employees, was unable to provide any details on Wednesday about its successful assault rifle, which had won against two models from the manufacturer Heckler & Koch. Inquiries to CG Haenel were received by the “Merkel Jagd- und Sportwaffen GmbH”, also based in Suhl.

The Green MP Tobias Lindner said: “This is a surprising decision.” The ministry must “explain to Parliament in a comprehensible manner what led to this selection”. Linder asked the editorial network in Germany: “It must be clear that the provider is reliable. The repair must be guaranteed for the next 30 years. In the event of bankruptcy, it must be ensured that the Bundeswehr can take over the license. “The SPD defense politician Thomas Hitschler told the FAZ:” Our soldiers need the best possible rifle. Without compromises. The ministry must now ensure that the award is so legally secure that a further delay can be ruled out. “

The losing bidder Heckler & Koch has announced legal action against the award. In this connection, FDP MP Alexander Müller complained about the expected delay. “That slows down the entire procurement process and delays delivery to the troops. In this case, the procurement law would have to be changed in such a way that lawsuits by the unsuccessful bidders can no longer revise the award decision, but instead only have a claim to compensation if the lawsuit is won. That would speed up the procurement for our troops considerably! “